This short film, created by CICASP student Ms. Cintia Garai who has been studying wild bonobos in the DR Congo for her PhD research, was therefore made to help the sanctuary’s endeavors to garner the attention of the young generation of DR Congo. Mr Blaise takes it with him every Monday to demonstrate his message to the kids with the help of a little portable projector.

Cintia was inspired to create the film by the belief that media can contribute immensely to conservation efforts. And even though nothing can give back the experience of actually seeing firsthand a bonobo moving through the trees – as mirrored by the bright faces of the little Congolese children in the film while visiting the sanctuary for the first time – she and Lola ya Bonobo hope it brings the message, and especially the bonobos, closer to their audience.

Watch the video(s) here via the CICASP YouTube Channel in either French or Lingala. English version coming soon.

Creation of this video was financially supported by the Kyoto University Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science.