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About the training in a nutshell:

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Are you working in science? Have some interesting results ready for publishing? Increase your impact by creating interesting popular science videos, or video abstracts about your research! PopSci Video Workshop will guide you through the whole thing, step by step. Filmjungle (Budapest) proudly announces its latest joint project with the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Berlin). Popular Science Video Workshop is developed by filmmakers and scientists to provide a quick and easy protocol for researchers to create a video abstract for their scientific publications.


We are living in a world dominated by images. Our perception of the outside world is strongly shaped by still and motion pictures and in return we shape our world with the images we make. Having a smart phone in your pocket means you can be a filmmaker by the press of a button. This is a good news for scientists because today’s science sees a strong demand towards audiovisual content – a demand growing day by day. It’s only a question of time when the few minutes popular science videos, also know as “video abstracts”, will become an obligatory component of scientific publications. The objective of this workshop is to help scientists to be able to provide scientific journals what they need. A good scientific paper. And a good scientific video. The one-day workshop consist of four sessions, each 90 minutes long. You will have enough time to learn about writing a script for your video, and acquire all the basic skills you might need when recording audio and video and editing your footage into a complete program.