Our first documentary for the visually and hearing impaired

Our first accessible documentary film, which can be watched for free and in its entirety.


Everyone loves art: paintings, pictures, performances, music and movies, but how does the content reach the hearing and vision impaired so that it is also accessible and enjoyable for them? The Narradivak.hu deals with complex info-communication accessibility, i.e. they provide cultural content with sign language interpretation, subtitling and audio narration to overcome this difficulty. This initiative between Narradívák and Naturezésfilm.hu, which is 25 years old this year, is the beginning of more and more nature film content being processed in the future.

“As film professionals, it is important for us that art is accessible to everyone, and as a Plastic Cup volunteer, it is also important that the problem of pollution in the Tisza and the message of the film “The River Rescue Truck” reach as many people as possible. This initiative is a truly worthy 10th birthday present.” – Nature Film .hu, Plastic Cup

“For us, this is a mission! Our dream is that the hearing, the sighted, the hearing-impaired and the visually-impaired can watch the same movie at the same time in a cinema, and then discuss their experiences over a coffee.” – Narradivak.hu

“We would like to see and hear more nature and documentaries, but there is very little selection of accessible films, not only in this category.” – a hearing impaired.