A series of funny wildlife films presenting the animals of streams and creeks can be viewed in German,

In 2021, as part of the WeCon project, in cooperation with the Őrségi National Park and Natureszétfilm.hu, a ten-part short film series titled The Adventures of River Dwellers was produced in Hungarian and German. The live-action film, which presents the macro- and microscopic aquatic and waterfront wildlife, abounds in spectacular visual elements and exciting twists and turns. The dramatic but humorous approach ensures that the living world of the waters becomes sympathetic, knowledge is also transferred, and the viewers are encouraged to act in nature conservation. The series can be viewed in its entirety, free of charge and in two languages, on YouTube, the trailer can be viewed here:


In connection with the film series, the Őrségi National Park Administration prepared 10 interactive digital educational materials for elementary school students in Hungarian and German, so that the students, under the guidance of teachers (or even at home on their own), can playfully, but in detail, deal with the living world of waters and waterfronts. Some of the online education modules compatible with the smartboard can be completed in a 45-minute lesson. The games can be used online for free and without registration, at this link: