Készül az Ara Projekt filmje / Update on the Macaw Project

Richard Leon ügyvezető igazgató azok között az emberek közt van, akik adományukkal támogatták a Macaw Project című kampányunkat az Indiegogo.com közösségi adománygyűjtő oldalon. Az üzletember 8 éves korában találkozott először az Amazóniai őserdővel, és azóta is a hatása alatt van. A készülő filmtől azt várja, hogy még több embert nyerjünk meg az esőerdők ügyének. Nagycikk. / Feature article from the supporters of the Macaw project.

Why the Macaw Project has Peru For Less’ support

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Our Peru For Less team loves helping travellers plan their adventures to the beautiful Amazon Rainforest where biodiversity is the main draw. While staying at a remote jungle lodge, our clients get up close with exotic animals on guided treks and climb to the top of a canopy tower for breathtaking views over the treetops. It’s an exciting vacation experience to say the least! But for the wildlife that live in the Amazon, a dark cloud looms. Illegal mining is devastating the region and causing irreversible damage. In Peru, illegal mining for gold and oil in the Amazon dumps dangerous quantities of mercury into the region’s rivers. Thriving plots of vegetation are also cleared and remain barren long after the natural resources are extracted. Fortunately, major ecotourism and research players are making significant progress to fight back with jungle conservation efforts and awareness programs. „The Macaw Project” is a film which supports this movement. It is a collaborative effort organized by the researchers from the Tambopata Macaw Project (based in the jungle) and the Filmjungle.eu Society.

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Peru For Less is a proud sponsor of the film. The decision to support the film was a no-brainer for our company’s director, Richard Leon. “I remember going to the Amazon for the first time when I was eight-years-old and I can still recall how amazing it was,” Leon explains. “We must do our best to save the same experiences for future generations. „The film project calls attention to the human impacts that endanger macaw populations (as well as other jungle residents) and what can done to save them. For travellers, the message of the film is not to stay at home, but rather visit with a responsible conscience. In the jungle, this means booking your Amazon Rainforest Tour at lodges that work with local communities and practice low-ecological footprint programs.

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Macaws stand out from other Amazon wildlife because of their beauty and curious habits. The film features macaws in their natural habitat, including large flocks congregating around exposed riverbeds called clay licks. It’s here where the birds come to socialize and nibble at the clay. Some clay licks exist near the Posada Amazonas Jungle Lodge in the Tambopata National Reserve where travellers like us can witness the action! The jungle lodge – one of our Top Pick Amazon Lodges – is operated in partnership with the indigenous Ese-Eja community and Rainforest Expeditions. Conservation efforts in the Amazon go hand-in-hand with the development of a sustainable ecotourism industry. For this reason, Peru For Less is happy to sponsor the film, and honors the hard work of the research team and creative minds who bring us „The Macaw Project”.

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